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Kitchen Garden Calendar – June

Harvest your strawberries – the first crop should now be ready to pick. Remember to cover the plants with netting to prevent birds from feasting on the succulent fruit.
Time to harvest vegetables – you can now start to harvest your early potatoes as well as asparagus, salad leaves, carrots, tomatoes, salad onions, beetroot and the first pea pods.
Still time to sow – you can still add winter cauliflower, carrots, runner beans, French beans, swedes and more beetroot to be ready for winter as well as stepping other veg so you have a summer long supply.

Prune soft fruits – such as currants and gooseberries. Regular pruning with ensure that the bush keeps producing fruit. Cover with netting during the summer to prevent birds from pinching the berries.
Pollenate tomatoes – do this by holding the flowers between two fingers and gently tapping them to release the pollen. This will help to pollenate and improve the yield. This should be done every day.
Keep tomatoes watered – misting the plants, particularly in a greenhouse will keep humidity up and help the fruit to set. It also helps to reduce the risk of attacks from pests.
Thin out crops – to ensure a good crop, thinning out the plants is necessary so that they have room to spread out and mature. Choose the healthier plants to leave in and take out smaller or diseased plants.
Plant out seedlings – seeds that you sowed in the early to late spring such as leeks, french beans, squashes, tomatoes, sweetcorn and peppers, can now be planted out into their final position.

Vent the greenhouse – as the weather heats up, open up the vents in your greenhouse and use blinds to shade plants from direct sunlight, which will scorch them. Spraying into the air and onto the floor will also assist in cooling things down on particularly hot days.

Vegetable seeds to sow in June…
Peas (harvest in 60-70 days)
Radish (harvest in 30-50 days)
Kale (harvest in 70-80 days)
Rocket (harvest in 25 days)
Tomato (harvest in 50-90 days)
Spinach (harvest in 40-50 days)
Beetroot (harvest in 90 days)
Carrots (harvest in 50-75 days)
Lettuce (harvest in 45-55 days)
Courgette (harvest in 40-50 days)
Swede (harvest in 100+ days)
Brocolli (harvest in 70-100 days)