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Fertilisers come in many different forms, liquid, pelleted, crystalline or powder. Each will have their own nutrient balance that is specifically tailored to provide a particular feed balance. Generally there are two types of fertilisers: straight or compound.

The straight fertilisers are single substance fertilisers such as Sulphate of iron, Sulphate of Ammonia or Epsom Salts. A good example of a compound fertiliser is Growmore. These types of fertilisers are generally speaking a specific mixture of the three most important major feed elements; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Old favourites such as Fish, Blood & Bone and Bone Meal are always in stock. Controlled release fertilizers (CRF’s) are becoming increasingly popular, especially for use in containers, pots and hanging baskets. CRF’s slowly release the fertiliser from between 3 and 6 months (depending on the variety). The main advantage of these slow release fertilisers is that they take away the need for regular feeding through the growing season.

We stock a wide range of the most popular fertilisers and feeds such as Miracle Gro and Levington’s Tomorite. If you’re not sure on what fertiliser to use there is always plenty of advice on hand given by our experienced staff.