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Compost & Bark

We stock a comprehensive range of compost and bark that will cater to your needs including:

Scotts Levington – Considered a leading brand in the garden industry.

Multi-Purpose Compost – as the name suggests, it is suitable for any general planting in garden containers, baskets, tubs or planting in the garden bed or border

Ericaceous Compost – is designed for plants that require an acid soil (lime free soil) in order for them to grow successfully. Plants such as Azalea, Pieris, Rhododendron and Camellia require ericaceous soil.

Farmyard Manure – is a rich organic soil conditioner, high in nutrients. It helps lighten soils that have a high clay content.

Top Soil – is a soil based loam that is helpful in raising soil levels in the garden, seeding a new lawn or just patching in a lawn.

Grow Bags – have specific blend of compost and nutrients to provide an ideal growing medium for vegetable such as tomatoes, cucumbers etc.

Chipped Bark – this is commonly used in the garden on beds or borders where either moisture retention is required; weed suppression is required or a decorative effect is desired.

Our stock is continually changing so come in and browse our ranges.