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Augusts Gardening Calendar

Remember to keep watering containers and hanging baskets – They will need to be watered every day right through the summer. If you are going on holiday, remember to ask a neighbour or family member to come in and do this for as you don’t want to come home a load of dead foliage. Alternatively, you can get an automatic watering system, such as the HOZELOCK EASY DRIP SYSTEM with their SENSOR CONTROLLER PLUS. These are controlled by a timer and will keep things regularly watered until you return.
Feed containers and hanging baskets – Do this every two weeks or so to keep them flowering for longer.
Stop feeding your roses around now – If you continue to feed them, this will encourage soft fresh growth which won’t have time to mature and could end up diseased as a result.
Take some cuttings – it is a good time to take cuttings of favourite plants and propagate them for next year’s garden. Do this by taking a 2-3” shoot from the parent plant just below a leaf node. Remove any larger leaves as it is important the leaves are not touching each other or they may rot off. Also remove leaves from the lower part of the cutting. Dip the tip in some hormone rooting powder then plant them up to the first set of leaves and pack the compost down around it to eliminate any air, which will prevent the cutting from ‘striking’. Water gently and then place them in a propagator on a window sill, out of direct sunlight, until they have rooted and are strong enough to transfer to larger single pots.
Prune climbing plants – Such as climbing roses, wisteria when they have stopped flowering. You can also prune your summer blooming shrubs once flowers are no longer appearing. Pruning at this time of year helps to prevent the plant from getting too bushy and will encourage new flowers to grow next year.
Cut back tired looking perennials – they may not flower again this year, but pruning them now will encourage fresh looking new growth keeping them looking healthy.

Other tips…

  • Keep your patio tidy – Sweep it regularly to prevent weeds appearing and if they do, treat with a path weed killer (always follow manufacturer instructions).
  • Keep your bird bath topped up – If you have one, ensure it is topped up so the local wildlife can cool down on warm days.
  • Keep on top of plants in your pond – Trim them back so that they don’t take over. Once they die off, they will build up into a slimy mush, keeping them trimmed helps to prevent this. Also, keep checking the filter is clear and clean if necessary. However, avoid over cleaning your pond.
  • Keep your greenhouse ventilated – It can get very hot at this time of year so it is important to ensure that you open the windows and try to avoid plants sitting in direct sun. There are a few products to assist with this such as shade netting, shade paints or internal and external blinds. If it does get very hot, spray some water into the air to cool it down.